There is nothing quite as impressively delicious as a pasta sauce made entirely from scratch, having slowly simmered all day. It has a robust flavor unlike any other. Nor is there a homemade chicken soup, nor a crockpot roast, nor a fresh baked pie that doesn’t reign far and above anything found in the center aisles of the grocery store or handed to you from anonymous hands at a drive-thru window. A loaf of bread wrapped in polystyrene adorned a label which reads ‘Heat and Serve’  cannot compare to one which has been hand-made with quality ingredients, given proper time to rise, and baked fresh in a hot oven. Good things take time. And effort. And patience.  They’re worth it.

How true is this in other areas of our lives? You might right now be hungry—spiritually, emotionally, or creatively. You might be feeling pangs that need quelled and you are considering a quick fix of some sort. You could take shortcuts, attempting to curb the hunger with inferior things and settling for what you know isn’t ultimately going to satisfy. Or you can choose to be patient just a little while longer as you mindfully and purposefully bring together the proper ingredients required to create something great. Not only does the extra time and effort build your desire and hunger, but the anticipation that grows as you wait to enjoy the result of your labor serves to make the final thing all the more wonderfully satisfying.

The fruits of your labors are so much more deliciously rewarding than what you’ll end up with when making a quick run to McEasyway’s.

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