Green grass.

There is a particular man in my town who has perhaps one of the most beautifully manicured, lush green lawns I have seen—it certainly stands out amid all the others in the neighborhood. So I wondered, how did he get it to be in this fantastic state? The lawn next door to his doesn’t look nearly as good, and the one next to that is ratty and overgrown with weeds.

His lawn’s beauty did not just happen on its own. Unlike the other two sad looking lawns, the impressiveness of this picture-perfect one shows that its attentive owner gave persistent effort and patient love in order to bring it to life and draw out its potential. He pulled weeds. He watered and fertilized it. He groomed it just so.

How does your lawn look? Is it full of weeds? Is it patchy and inconstant? Is it under-watered and ignored? It takes effort to see positive change and to reveal hidden potential. If you want to grow—if you want to thrive—you have to try. You have a beautiful lawn inside of you, waiting to burst forth. Weed it, feed it, and seed it. To live a good life, you’ll need it.

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