When left unattended for too long, potholes widen, deepen, and become dangerously destructive. Roads begin to disintegrate and fall into ruin. But when a pothole is filled, the road regains its integrity and its worth. And when a road is newly paved, it allows for a glorious, considerably smoother ride.

People have potholes. Troubles, trials, loneliness, disappointment, failure, rejection…when weak points in one’s esteem are driven over (and over, and over), pits begin to form, and when left unattended for too long, they can become deep chasms.

Be a road builder. Use your encouragement to help repair the potholes in the lives of others. Fill them up. Smooth them out. Give them your time, your ear, your patience, your concern, your wisdom, and—most of all—your love.

All roads lead to somewhere; help make sure theirs doesn’t end with a road closed sign.

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